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The Absolute Easiest LandCamera AAA Battery Conversion (Video)

The main problem I've had shooting these old Polaroid LandCameras is the batteries... There are a few options out there. You can purchase the original replacement battery(Type 531, or Type 532), or you can covert them to take AAA Batteries. This generally entails some wire cutting, and even soldering, as seen HERE, HERE, and HERE. And your other option on the higher end would be to send your camera out to Cory at, and have him add a rechargeable battery to your camera(which I have done, and let me tell you, ITS AWESOME!!!). But that is not the most feasible option for everyone out there, especially those on a budget. This is THE ABSOLUTE EASIEST WAY to convert your...

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"Pack Film is Dead" ---Matt Day on Fuji Discontinuing FP100c (Video)

As many of you know, Fuji has discontinued their FP100C instant peel apart film. Such a bummer to all of us in the film photography community... As sad as it is to see it go, it isn't a huge surprise, as they also discontinued FP3000b film recently. I guess we'll just have to wait for something new to come along to fill the void. So, sadly, you will probably be seeing less of this film here on my site. All we can do for now is sit back and watch the prices riiiiiiiise!! (FP100c on Amazon - Current Low Price of $28/pack) Here is a video of Matt Day's views on the subject... I could not have said this any...

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