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Video: Yashica T4 vs. Olympus Infinity Hi Lite

Buy Ilford Hp5 here: T4:Via Amazon - eBay - Infinity Hi Lite:Awesome Cameras - Amazon - Instagrams!Robert Lee - Padua - - Cooper - Street - Aguirre - And Lennie - Key Photo - Cameras -   Yashica T4 Photos:       Olympus Infinity Hi Lite Photos:       Comparison Photos:

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Video: Instax WIde V. Impossible Project Spectra Film

Derek and I went down to Venice Beach to do a side by side comparison of some Instax Wide and Impossible Project Spectra Film. Buy Fuji Instax 210 Here: Fuji Instax Film Here: IP Spectra Film Here: Polaroid SPectra System: Joey's Photos: Derek's Photos:

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Video: Super 8mm Underwater Housing!!

Staphanie's Instagram:'s Instagram: Buy 8mm FIlm Here: Basically I've been wanting to shoot some surfing on 8mm film for a while now, but wanted to actually take my camera out in the water with me. I have drawn up plans for a few different ideas that I had, but never got around to actually building any of them. Then recently I was browsing thrift stores in the area and came across this housing for a vhs camcorder, probably from the 90s. After taking a look at it I realized it was just about the right size to fit one of my 8mm cameras. With pretty minimal effort I was able to rig up a cable release that...

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