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Findings Market Shot w/ Pentax K1000

A couple weeks ago a couple friends of mine were selling at Findings Market in Santa Barbara. It was a great collection of local artists and makers. I had a Pentax K1000 with me so I decided to snap some photos of the event. Find info about their next event here! Camera: Pentax K1000 Film: Rite Aid 200iso Expired Film

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Contax 167MT - California Central Coast

These photos were shot between Santa Barbara and Santa Maria, CA. I grew up in a similar region to this here in California, and have always loved these old oak trees. I knew I was going to be driving up that direction so I allotted a little extra time to stop and take a few photographs (something we should all do a bit more of...) The Contax 167MT is an SLR with aperture priority metering and shutter speed up to 1/4000th. It was made by Kyocera for Contax and I love it because it feels like a fancy version of the Canon T70 which is one of my all time favorite cameras... The house is the "Enos House" in Santa...

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Surfing w/ Derek and Pia - Sea & Sea Underwater 35mm Camera

This is a fun little point and shoot underwater camera.  It has a manual aperture setting, and automatic shutter speed.  These were shot very late in the day on a very foggy day, so light was limited, and alot of the photos came out a little blurry due to a longer shutter speed. I cant wait to take this thing out on a sunny day and really see what it can do! Camera: Sea And Sea Underwater Film: Rite Aid 400 iso

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