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Beach Day with the Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim on Arista EDU 400 Black and White Film

This has got to be the smallest 35mm cameras I've ever held. and probably the lightest as well.  It sure earns its name "Ultra Wide" with a 22mm wide angle lens.  I had to be aware of where my fingers were when shooting this thing as to not get them in the photos.   Ignore the light leaks on the first few shots... those were caused by an old bulk load canister that isn't as light tight as it once was... This film was from a 100ft roll of Arista EDU 400 that I've been bulk loading here and there over the last year or so. These are shot one day this summer when with took the motorhome for a day...

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Contax G2 - Street Parking Only

A couple weeks ago I got to briefly borrow my buddy Richard Brooks' Contax G2. I keep hearing about this thing, but just hadn't had the chance to shoot one til now.  So, I did what I always do when I want to test out a camera for the first time. I drive around town looking for old cars to shoot for my @StreetParkingOnly series.   He lent me the Contax with a 28mm and 45mm lens, but I mostly shot the 28mm.  I returned the camera to him before I got my first roll back from the lab, otherwise I would have shot it more... A LOT more!!  I'm gonna have to try to get my hands on this thing...

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