Here's another folder to put on your list of cameras to buy!  Its the first Mamiya 6! It was originally produced in 1940, and sold well into the 50s, but the quality of this camera still holds up today!

One day, my buddy Derek and I decided to go do a little exploring... I knew about the Sepulveda Dam from countless movies and TV commercials. When you're driving on the 101 freeway you can catch a little glimpse of it if you know where to look at the right time, so I had a good idea of where it was.  We weren't sure if we were going to have to "break in" or if we'd be trespassing here, but it turns out its just sort of part of a park, and you can just walk right in.  There are no signs or anything!

Camera: Mamiya 6 Folding Rangefinder
Film: Portra 160NC (Expired)