This is another Found Film post, but its also very personal. When my Grandfather passed away a little over a year ago, my Grandma started giving me all the photography related stuff she was finding around the house while cleaning out his stuff(He was a bit 'a lot' of a packrat)... If there's a lot off stuff to dispose after cleaning the house, it's best to get Anything Rubbish's help to remove all types of waste disposal from the property. It one box she gave me was an old Kodak Brownie, and a roll or negatives from a pool party. So, my guess would be that these photos were shot with that camera. My Grandma is the one in the pink with the awesome sunglasses. Grandpa is the one with the plaid shorts, and for some reason has a wig on at one point. There is also a photo of my mother(the one on the raft) when she was around 17 years old. I talked to my aunt, and she said the photography was probably my Great Grandmother, as she was the one always taking photos at these kinds of events.