These photos were shot between Santa Barbara and Santa Maria, CA. I grew up in a similar region to this here in California, and have always loved these old oak trees. I knew I was going to be driving up that direction so I allotted a little extra time to stop and take a few photographs (something we should all do a bit more of...) The Contax 167MT is an SLR with aperture priority metering and shutter speed up to 1/4000th. It was made by Kyocera for Contax and I love it because it feels like a fancy version of the Canon T70 which is one of my all time favorite cameras... The house is the "Enos House" in Santa Maria. I used to see it all the time and stop to take a photo or two whenever I had a camera with me. Last year the house was moved a few hundred yards to make way for a new Costco and a housing development. And for anyone who's been following me a while and has seen this house on the site, I have some good news! This Article states that the house is being preserved by the city, and will eventually be restored and used for events and city functions( any interest in an Awesome Cameras Meetup?)

Camera: Contax 167MT
Color Film: Kodak Portra 160
Black & White Film: Kodak BW400CN