This has got to be the smallest 35mm cameras I've ever held. and probably the lightest as well.  It sure earns its name "Ultra Wide" with a 22mm wide angle lens.  I had to be aware of where my fingers were when shooting this thing as to not get them in the photos.   Ignore the light leaks on the first few shots... those were caused by an old bulk load canister that isn't as light tight as it once was... This film was from a 100ft roll of Arista EDU 400 that I've been bulk loading here and there over the last year or so.

These are shot one day this summer when with took the motorhome for a day trip up the coast from San Clemente State Beach to Crystal Cove State Beach in Newport Beach, CA.   Our little girl seems to love the ocean as much as her parents and wants to run and jump right in. Looks like some waterproof camera reviews may be in order!

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