Heres a test roll I ran through this 1948 Ansco Sur-Shot Jr. Box Camera last week.  This old thing shoots a 6x9 image on 120 or 620 film, and has 1 shutter speed(slooow, maybe 1/30), and 1 aperture(probably f/8ish), and a fixed focus that feel like its at a different distance in each photo for some reason.  Or maybe I need to try this thing with a tripod.. A few of these shots look like they may ave a little motion blur.  Loading the 120 film in is was very straight forward, but if you're a little crafty, you can easily load 35mm into a box camera like this...

Camera: Ansco Sur-Shot Jr. Box Camera
Film: Ilford HP5 120 Film
Developer: R3 Monobath
Scanner: Canoscan 9000f